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  • Our Mission

    The evolving space business landscape is a great chance for a fast-moving and lean company. We are providing the world’s most affordable space mechatronic components to be used on-board of spacecrafts, while meeting premium reliability and quality needs. Our customers’ need for affordable, reliable and fast-leadtime components is the key driver for all our activities. We strive to become one of the world’s leading suppliers of mechatronic components for spacecrafts.

    Application examples of Space-Lock’s products on a satellite:


    We develop, produce and market mechatronic components for use on-board of spacecrafts.
    We offer engineering services for terrestrial industry, helping to crunch tough engineering challenges where our high-tech know-how and capabilities are utilised.
    We also offer support regarding product presentation and rendered 3d animations as seen on our website.

    Who we are

    Space-Lock is an innovative company making mechatronic products for use on-board of spacecrafts. Our staff has vast experience in the space industry and is committed to the company‘s mission. Space-Lock GmbH was founded in 2018. The same year, our first contract was awarded by ESA. In 2019, the company moved to a new building and became part of ESA BIC Austria. Our web presence, logo and corporate identity were revealed in 2020. The company continues to grow and expand its portfolio.

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  • Sustainability

    We minimize our impact on environment by making the following habits part of our everyday business:

    • We maximize the use of the excellent Austrian waste management system, including recycling and proper disposal of non-recyclable material.
    • We are compliant to RoHS and REACH.
    • We are a paper-less company. Everything’s digital, there is no need to print hundreds of pages.
    • We use energy-efficient devices - and of course, we switch them off when not used.
    • We are located close to powerful public transportation lines.
    • We do our best to make videoconferencing work as smooth as possible. A good videoconference can be very efficient and save thousands of kilometres travelled.
    • If travelling by train takes less than 3 hours longer than flying, then we travel by train.
    • We are convinced that avoiding and minimizing CO2 emissions is best. The CO2 emissions which we caused when using a plane are compensated by donations to CO2-friendly projects.